Introduction + Chapter One


This chapter covers all of the essential elements that need to be considered before you start delivering to an audience.Including how to structure a presentation, overcoming common mistakes and the best way to use technology.

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MacLeod Report demonstrating relationship between engagement and performance

Commissioned by the Secretary of State for Business in the UK this report looked at employee engagement and its benefits for organisations. In particular, whether engagement approaches could impact positively on competitiveness and performance? The answer was an unequivocal yes.   Download Here

Quick Insights: Leadership Communication

The author speaking about the link between engagement and effective leadership communication. Chris shares some of the mistakes that are commonly made by leaders.  Watch the Video Here

Primacy and Recency Effects

A helpful video from the Khan Academy outlining these two psychological phenomenon as described in chapter 1.4. They are often not well known so find out a little more by watching this video.  Watch the Video Here