Chapter Two


This chapter looks at the elements that influence the impression other people get of you as a speaker. Starting with the importance of your attitude, the chapter goes on to look at the impact of body language.

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The Mehrabian Myth

This well-written article explains the confusion about the body, voice, words debate sparked by the 55%, 38%, 7% statistics.   Click Here

Presentations Self-Assessment

How effective are you when you have to present? To help you evaluate your ability take this short quiz to assess your skills.   Click Here

Mismatching Body Language - WATCH CAREFULLY

This is a lovely little moment of incongruence from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani when speaking about Donald Trump. Look at his gestures to describe top, bottom, middle and side. The video should start at 50 seconds automatically, if you didn't spot it by 1.05 you missed it!   Watch the Video Here

Chris Getting it Wrong - Nobody is Perfect

While testing the equipment and warming up before an important presentation, I broke one of my most important PowerPoint rules - NEVER STAND IN THE PROJECTOR BEAM. Luckily as you will see in this short video I quickly realised my mistake and I now have this video as evidence of how silly and unprofessional it looks!! (spot the moustache) Watch Chris Getting it Wrong