Chapter 3


This chapter is all about how to become unique and memorable in the way you present your material. You will learn effective ways to involve the audience in your presentation as well as techniques to become more charismatic as a speaker.

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ROI Of Improving Employee Engagement Article

A wealth of research from the Gallup Organisation validates that engaging your employees or your customers generates up to two-and-a-half times the financial gains than if you didn’t invest in engagement. If you optimise engagement levels in both customers and employees, you can more than double those gains again.

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Presentation and Showmanship Advice - TED Talk

Magicians are masters at showmanship and presentation. Check out this talk by Vinh Giang .

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Multiple Intelligence Quiz

In the book, Chris goes into detail about the role Multiple Intelligence Theory can play in your session planning. Do you know your own stronger and weaker intelligences?

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How employee engagement can boost the bottom line

If employees are an organisation’s most valuable assets, then there’s nothing more valuable than a highly engaged work force. That’s because research has proven that job satisfaction can lead to higher sales, increased productivity, lower health care and attrition costs, and can even increase share value. This article details its' importance.

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Multiple Intelligence Poster

Really effective and simple poster of the 8 intelligences also showing a bonus 9th intelligence as a result of new research: "Existential"

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