Chapter 5


All leaders aspire to be inspirational in the way they communicate, this chapter breaks down the subject of inspiration in three strategies you can learn to use to truly inspire your audience.

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The #1 Fatal Flaw of Uninspiring Leaders

I start this chapter quoting a study by researchers Zenger and Folkman. Their 'Number One Fatal Flaw' the keeps leaders from being inspiring: lack of energy and enthusiasm. Read their excellent discussion on this point. Read Article Here

Hillary Clinton Discusses the Difficulties of Authenticity

Early in the chapter we look at the critical role of authenticity. Far from being an easy thing to achieve it is actually rather challenging. Clinton says "I’m not Barack Obama. I’m not Bill Clinton. Both of them carry themselves with a naturalness that is very appealing to audiences." Read Article Here

Vision Framework

Jim Collins has provided a fantastic resource for developing your vision. This free PDF download from his site guides you through values, purpose, BHAGs, core ideology and vision! Download it Here

Quick Insights: The Role of Vision

Watch the author discuss the role of vision in one of his 'quick insight' series videos. Watch the Video Here