Chapter 7


The most obvious technology for a speaker is an electronic slide show. But slides are rarely the most engaging tool for a speaker. This chapter covers all of the creative technologies that you can use to be more interesting, engaging and dynamic.

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PowerPoint: The Extreme Makeover Edition

This chapter opens with discussions about designing effective PowerPoint slides. This great article on Forbes is perfectly aligned to the message of the book. Have a read to get great tips and new ideas to create effective slides. Read Article Here

Five Presentation Design Tips You Need to Know

These 5 tips are wonderfully illustrated with "before and after" slides from design company Ethos3 who specialise in creating beautiful, effective presentations. Read The 5 Tips Here

TED - 10 Tips for Better Slides

Aaron Weyenberg is UX Lead for TED and the master of slide decks! He creates Keynote presentations that are both slick and charming—the kind that pull you in and keep you captivated. These are his secrets to success. Read the 10 Tips Here

Example of Graphic Illustrations

In this chapter graphic illustrators are discussed, I recently facilitated an event for a multinational telecoms company and worked with a graphic illustrator to capture the conversation. A pdf of a few pages of the output will give you a clearer idea of how this process works. Example of Graphic Illustrations

Materials Mentioned in Chapter 7

I mention a number of unusual materials in chapter 7. Below are links to the most common examples or leading brands of these products. Examples of Electorinic Voting Devices Table Top Flipcharts Static Paper - Magic Whiteboard Spray Mount Writing Pens for Glass

Presentation Remotes

My two favourite remotes:

1) Kensington Remote - this is the most simple and durable remote I've ever used, almost indestructable and seems to last a lifetime!

2) Logitech Spotlight- a seriously high end piece of kit for those people who need to look at the top of their game!