HR Zone Book review of Corporate Energy

Everyone can learn from this book, believe me!

David Evans has independently reviewed Corporate Energy for HR Zone, giving it a score of 4 out of 5.

The premise of this book is that the role of leaders is to inspire those around them, engage employees and raise levels of consciousness beyond simply turning up to work. I believe it achieves this: it is a graphic, technical and – at times – challenging body of work, but one which also maintains interest through humour, a good choice of anecdotes and some self-deprecation (this last topic is a kind of theme throughout).

The author focuses on effective, interesting and motivating presentations and meetings as a powerful way to achieve inspiration and engagement. And this, perhaps, is the book’s challenge: speak to most people in a managerial / leader role and they will almost-always claim to be proficient in presenting and meetings-management … or, put another way: it is not foremost in their list of personal-development needs.

But many of you will know different, right? We’ve all attended the crushingly-tedious corporate presentations; the mind-numbing team meetings.

The reader is struck early on with a very obvious message: this tome is really easy to read! This is because it is well laid out, makes great use of space and graphics and maintains variety in delivery that holds attention. Hang on: doesn’t that sound just like a really good presentation?!

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