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A whole section devoted to sticky notes?

You’re probably thinking one of two things: either that I’m a little crazy, or that you have already mastered the complexities of this particular piece of engagement technology. Whilst the first statement may well be true, I suspect the second is most likely false. Sticky notes are ubiquitous - they are in every meeting room and training room throughout the world and consequently I have seen a lot of people using them. I’ve concluded that most people simply haven’t thought about their potential or the creative ways in which they can be employed.

Sticky notes are often referred to as Post-it® Notes, but in the interests of fairness, and sometimes cost savings, I must emphasise that many other brands are available. Sticky notes are wonderful things: they are simple to use, versatile, and can engage groups by encouraging interaction. They are quite possibly the easiest and cheapest item available to you in your engagement toolkit. This section will turn you from a basic level sticky note user into a professional!

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