Programme Overviews

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Corporate Energy

  • Learn innovative ways to introduce and discuss content with groups
  • Understand how room layout will affect engagement
  • Design great slides and work well alongside PowerPoint
  • Describe ways to use storytelling and anecdotes as communication tools
  • Explore the use of showmanship and props to create impact
  • Effectively handle Q&A sessions and hostile audiences

Inside Inspiration

  • Understand the link between inspiration and charisma
  • Learn to speak from the heart authentically, using emotion
  • Tap into inspiration as a means of communication
  • Learn three practical methods to inspire others
  • Use pictures and imagery to motivate others
  • Apply all the above to develop your radical new leadership style

Fantastic Facilitation

  • Explore the different impact facilitation can have on groups
  • Understand the uses of multiple intelligence theory in facilitation
  • Learn new questioning techniques and how to move between floodlight/spotlight focus
  • Stay in control during interruptions or tough questions
  • Learn how to maintain professional composure under pressure

Beyond Presentation Skills

  • Discuss the most common communication failures in leadership
  • Truly transform dry content into engaging communication
  • Discover four new methods of presenting corporate messages
  • Powerfully engage employees with organisational strategy and change
  • Get direct and challenging 1:1 feedback on your presentation style

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